What would the Prophet (may God bless and grant him peace) say if he walked in our lives? What would he do to help us navigate our problems, our aspirations, our challenges, even our despair? Strange as the question seems, Muslim tradition has always insisted that the answer to this is available through an ongoing reflection of his life - his Sirah. So much so that some would recommend it be reviewed once every year.

This course promises to be a thought provoking and life-enhancing, covering the life and times of the Prophet Mohammed reimagined. It covers a detailed analysis of key events, drawing practical lessons for today’s Muslim community in the area of spirituality, family, politics, identity and religion. If there has ever been a time when Muslims needed to review afresh the Sirah, it is today!

  • As well as a study of the Makkan period, we will cover:
  • How to nourish the soul to withstand even the greatest tests
  • Instilling the core of faith
  • The importance of family in the Prophetic Sirah
  • The fiqh of Da’wa
  • The importance of quality over quantity
  • Change and why it is necessary

The Seerah Reimagined - Makkah

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Shaykh Amer holds a (LLB) law degree from Strathclyde university and BA (Hons) in Islamic studies from the University of Wales. He spent 10 years studying the Islamic sciences including 6 years with distinguished scholars in the Middle East (Syria and Yemen), gaining him teaching licenses (ijaza) in various Islamic sciences.

Shaykh Amer’s specialisation lies in Islamic Family Law. Being a certified NLP practitioner and also holding a certificate in counselling skills he has combined his religious and secular knowledge to help contextualise marital issues for the Western Muslim living in the 21st century.


  The coming of the last Prophet ﷺ
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  Divine preparation: The early years
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  The beginning of revelation
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  The rise of Islamophobia
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  Forced to Flee
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  Emigration and New Beginnings
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"I really enjoyed it because engaging with the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) at his most human level allowed me to put myself in his shoes, and that’s what brings the Seerah to life."

"Very enjoyable and different to other Seerah courses I have done previously, would highly recommend."

"I found the Makkah course very useful, informative and engaging. The reflective section was particularly good due to its’ practical focus. The standard of teaching and knowledge is excellent and I felt confident taking and learning authentic information from Sheikh Amer. JzK Allah Khair for sharing your knowledge with us."

"Excellent! Inspiring! Informative!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This Online Course is for anyone wishing to learn more about the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Are there any prerequisites to enrolment?

There are no prerequisites to joining this course.

Are there any course notes available?

Yes. There are accompanying course notes which are available to purchase.

Is there an age limit?

No age restrictions - this course is suitable for all.

How long do I have access to this course?

12 months from the day of enrolment.